July 11, 2018

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My Exzema (Dermatitus) Hands

Hi everyone....gonna share on this blog with you all the awful journey of my hand eczema (dermatitis) it has been horrible! I have over the past 3 years to be exact,have had this awful condition going on with my hands and wrist,spreading down my elbows,Well I was no stranger to eczema ,I had break outs over parts of my body as a child,it did not bother me growing into my adulthood,Thank God! but when it came back, it came back fierce.

     As I mentioned it started around the summer of 2013,  I will not forget the itching,the burning,the skin discoloration ,any and everything that touched my hands made me cringe it hurt at times so bad ,running water on them to even wash my hands hurt so badly,and being in my profession as a hairdresser ,well you know the rest, I was in pain....dermatologist visit after dermatologist visit,prescription after prescription,test after test month after month,no signs of nothing ,except Dermatitis ,the skin creams and ointments weren't helping ,having to wear gloves is what I have resorted to at all times at work,simple task as shampoo hair, I have to wear gloves,and the minute it clears up, if I were to even shampoo hair or rinse out a conditioner with out the gloves (they hardly help),the horror was happening all over again.

      So for 3 years now ,and no I haven't gotten use to my hands looking the way they do from the constant scratching and sometimes blistering,and temporary relief from the highest strengths of cortisones that have to be switched every so often and the vanity in me is a whole another subject,I have researched this condition and its very common lots of people have it,I didn't know though,the Drs suggest I may have to switch professions,NOT!! so I have learned to put in place the act of Gratitude for this situation as well ....I am Forever Grateful that I have hands and I have all of my fingers,I have the use of my fingers,I have the use of my wrist ,I have the use of my arms,I have life ...so for now I am searching and trying almost everything ,Thank you Lord!! 

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